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About US Pawnbrokers, Inc.

About the Owner:
  With a family in the jewelry business spanning over four generations (+80 years), including close family connections in Los Angeles, Texas, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, and all throughout the US East Coast, there is always an experienced and knowledgable expert to help you.

Nino Shmariahu: The 
President of the business broke into the jewelry business in the mid 1980's in Manhattan's Diamond district working for a refinery, a gold buying store, and finally selling his own wares. After taking his expertise from wholesale/retail to the business of loaning against gemological collateral, Nino's pawn shop in Jamaica Queens, New York has become the local bank to many in need of short term assistance when conventional banks could not and would not help.

Quoted in the prestigious NEW YORK TIMES 
daily newspaper on Tuesday October, 25, 2005 as an experienced "ethnogemologist" Nino clearly understands jewelry, taking into account date of manufacture, style, craftsmanship and country of origin.  While he never encourages borrowing the maximum amount offered as not to overextend yourself, his appraisals are top notch and higher than most due to his knowledge and enthusiasm to help.

US Pawnbrokers, Inc:
is licensed as a Pawnshop in the State of New York. Since Nino took the helm in 1999, adding beautiful indoor landscaping, comfortable seating and security, the business has quadrupled. US Pawnbroker has become a neighborhood beloved store, with each holiday creatively represented in exciting decor.

If you don't like our offer or if we decide that  we cannot provide a loan against your items, return shipping is on us. If you agree to take the loan we offer, when you redeem your merchandise the shipping is on us - the only shipping you even need to pay for, is the original mailing of merchandise to us for inspection/appraisal/loan. We use the US Postal Service for shipping. Items valued at over $1000 will be shipped REGISTERED insure mail. Items $999.99 and under will be shipped USPS PRIORITY insured. If you need EXPRESS mail services there is an added fee.


New York State offers the lowest interest rates in the nation for pawned goods. Your merchandise will be inspected by Nino personally and he will be your personal loan officer. His GIA education, business experience, and active status in the US Pawnbroker's Society should assure you that your merchandise will be treated with care and appraised correctly.  


Special services: Need to communicate in Hebrew, Spanish or Russian? Not a problem!

We have staff on hand to assist you.

Methods for Interest Payment: Money Orders ONLY

Methods of pay to satisfy loan: Money Orders

Method of payments should include CASH

Personal checks (15 days to clear)


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