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US Pawnbrokers Inc makes fast cash loans by mail to customers in the 50 United States

If you are unable to come to our branches, we now offer the public a quick and convenient way to borrow money. We will assist you with the process step by step. Once you receive an estimate or once we give you a loan amount on your precious item, US Pawnbrokers Inc will give you an instant fast cash loan on that item. We have been in business since 1999 therefore you can be well assured that our process is of high safety and security standards.



While in our possession your item is insured up to 5 x the value of the loan


We can supply an approximate loan amount if you have a description of your items from an appraisal or bill of sale. If you do not have an appraisal or bill of sale, our loan representatives will be able to assist you.


Please do not ship unless you know we can make the loan and the amounts are acceptable to you.
We recommend that you call our loan reps at (718)-739-6060 (ask for Nino) to arrange shipping.

If you have any questions, we like to help you. Please call our loan office representatives (718)-739-6060 We look forward to hearing from you!






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